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Monitoring services

Our company offers services of the mortgage property monitoring, for the regular informing of mortgage divisions of banks on existence and state property accepted in pledge or the leased, for the purpose of decrease in risk of damage or loss of property being in pledge.
It is known that the requirement is imposed to regular monitoring by the STB regulator, and also domestic policy of banks. We are engaged in the valuation of property for 10 years and as the part of this process we carry out survey and property research for what we possess necessary experience, knowledge, qualification and equipment.
We are sure that the services offered by us will be useful based on the fact that regular monitoring:
will help to be confident in safety of property accepted in pledge or the leased;
will provide the increase of efficiency and quality of mortgage divisions work, in due time supplying them with information on the property state accepted in pledge or the leased.
Besides, regular and methodical appearance of the representative of the pawnbroker or the lessor, in the person of our company employee, for the check of property accepted in pledge or received in leasing will make additional disciplining impact on the depositors or lessees, stimulating them to the careful attitude to the property received in using or pledged, timely payment of leasing or loan payments.

The arrival of our employees for the check of mortgage property can be carried out in strict accordance with the monitoring terms provided in the contracts of pledge or leasing.
The way of monitoring carrying out is defined by our clients depending on a type of checked property. In a standard case it is:
arrival of the employee to the depositor
check of availability and actual location of mortgage property
check of integrity, compliance to the registration data
check of compliance to the technical characteristics, terms of survey pass, checkups and so forth, existence of operating insurance policy
photo-video shooting of monitoring object;
preparation of the inspection certificate and granting to his client together with the received materials,
collecting of other information specific to the different types of mortgage property, necessary to the pawnbroker for the integrity and safety confidence of his mortgage providing is also possible.
We hope that our services will be useful to the prosperity of Your business. Besides, for the reduction of the company expenses and the corresponding depreciation of services for the clients, our company has the offices in the regions with the greatest concentration of mortgage or leasing property objects checked by us.

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