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Valuation of incomplete construction

The valuation of incomplete construction — is a complex procedure which includes the detailed analysis of functionality, resource-intensive, profitability and usefulness of objects, and also a multilevel valuation of their exchange value. This action allows to define the question solutions of the construction works incomplete result use.

Who accepts our reports?

Our reports are accepted by all banks of Kazakhstan, financial institutions engaged in lending, leasing and other forms of financing. Today the company actively works with more than 25 banks and other financial institutions.

How much is the service?

The cost of service is calculated according to the amount of works which is necessary to be done. For this purpose You will have to send the copy of the documents specified in the appropriate section of this service to our e-mail and to contact our experts.

How long will be the valuation?

Our experts possess considerable experience in carrying out the valuation therefore the valuation on this type of service will be carried out in the shortest terms. In particular, the valuation of incomplete construction will take from 3 to 5 days.

What is necessary for the valuation?

For the valuation You have to come with the documents to our company office and to provide the object of valuation for the survey of our company’s specialist.

What documents are necessary at the valuation of incomplete construction?

1. Certificate on the property right registration to the object of incomplete construction (if registration was carried out).
2. Documents of title on the land plot on which the object settles down.
3. Allowing documentation on construction.
4. General explanatory note to the construction project.
5. Project-budget documentation.
6. Accounting certificate of the building balance cost (if the owner of the building is the legal entity).
7. Act of preservation of the object incomplete construction (if the object is preserved).
8. Data about existence of encumbrances at the object of incomplete construction, including encumbrance by pledge or debts, and other restrictions on the object use.
9. Branch accessory of object.
10. Start date of construction and construction expiration date
11. Data on constructive system of the building (construction).
12. The allowed annual power consumption (water - electro - gas supply, etc.).
13. Construction area.
14. Degree of the construction completeness as a whole and on separate constructive elements separately.
15. Object budget calculation
16. Summary budget calculation of the construction cost.
17. Acts of the work acceptance, executed from the construction beginning
18. Acts for the hidden works executed from the construction beginning.
This list of documents has preliminary character and can be reduced or expanded after the detailed acquaintance of the valuer for the purpose of valuation and parameters of valuation object.

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