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Valuation of shares

The basis for the valuation of share is the determination of its value as the financial instrument, capable to make profit for his owner. Among the main ways of profit generation are receiving of dividends and growth of stock price connected with the improvement of financial performance of the company, expansion of its business and increase in value of its assets.

Who accepts our reports?

Our reports are accepted by all banks of Kazakhstan, financial institutions engaged in lending, leasing and other forms of financing. Today the company actively works with more than 25 banks and other financial institutions.

How much is the service?

The cost of service is calculated according to the amount of works which is necessary to be done. For this purpose You will have to send the copy of the documents specified in the appropriate section of this service to our e-mail and to contact our experts.

How long will be the valuation?

Our experts possess considerable experience in carrying out the valuation therefore the valuation on this type of service will be carried out in the shortest terms. In particular, the valuation of shares will take from 5 to 10 days.

What is necessary for the valuation?

For the valuation You have to come with the documents to our company office and to provide the object of valuation for the survey of our company specialist.

What documents are necessary for the valuation of shares?

1. Certificate on the legal entity registration
2. Charter and foundation agreement
3. Organizational structure of the enterprise
4. Company description (development history, capacities, product range)
5. Company development plans (business plan, financial plans)
6. Problems of branch development, main competitors, description strengths and weaknesses
7. Accounting reports for the last five years
8. Interpretation of articles: revenues (on kinds of activity) and prime costs (under articles of expenses)
9. Details of balance sheet: fixed assets: the year of registration, initial and carrying amount, the amount of depreciation in a month, date of the last revaluation; the list of intangible assets, short-term and long-term financial investments, incomplete construction (including input date, initial and carrying amount)
10. Receivables (the list of the largest debtors with a debt amount, date of creation and breakdown on past-due terms. Uncollectible debts.)
11. Right supporting documents on all objects of real estate. Copies of technical data sheets. Copies of certificates on property
12. Data on the equipment
13. Copy of certificates on intangible assets registration (trademarks, etc.)
14. Title and right supporting documents on right of land plot use (property). Cadastral plans. Certificate of land tax size
15. Data on subsidiaries. Annual balances and reports on profits of the Companies in which there is a participation
16. Existing lease contracts with an amount of rent payments
17. List of main suppliers and buyers with the indication of everyone's share in a total amount
18. Reference of a registry holder of the Company securities. Prospectus of the securities issue;
19. Certificate of stock exchange of transactions with shares of the company;
20. Copy of the certificate on the securities state registration.

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