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Valuation of production base

Valuation of office, base, warehouse, land plot, etc. for various purposes (loan receiving, revaluation for Bank, for Tax committee, IFRS.

Who accepts our reports?

Our reports are accepted by all banks of Kazakhstan, financial institutions engaged in lending, leasing and other forms of financing. Today the company actively works with more than 25 banks and other financial institutions.

How much is the service?

The cost of service is calculated according to the amount of works which is necessary to be done. For this purpose You will have to send the copy of the documents specified in the appropriate section of this service to our e-mail and to contact our experts. The estimated cost (excluding discounts) You can calculate by Yourself using the calculator services on our website.

How long will be the valuation?

Our experts possess considerable experience in carrying out the valuation therefore the valuation on this type of service will be carried out in the shortest terms. In particular, the valuation of production base will take from 3 to 5 days.

What is necessary for the valuation?

For the valuation You have to come with the documents to our company office and to provide the object of valuation for the survey of our company specialist.

What documents are necessary at the valuation of production base?

1. Data on legal situation and documents of title on the object of valuation (purchase-sale contract, donation contract, exchange contract, certificate on property right registration, lease contract, etc.)
2. Technical documentation on the object (technical data sheet, design-budget documentation, etc.)
3. Data on the condition of the land plot, documents confirming the rights for the land plot (property, rent, etc.);
4. State act on the property right to the land plot.

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