We occupy a leading place among the leading valuation companies

More than 15 years on the valuation market

“Valuation of Property” LLP holds a leadership position among the leading appraisal companies according to Expert RA Kazakhstan Rating Agency. The Company provides a full range of valuation services, such as: business valuation, enterprise valuation, real estate valuation, valuation of shares, valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets according to Kazakhstan and international standards, meant for:

Large and medium Kazakhstan and foreign business
Corporate Partners and Customers
State-owned enterprises and subjects of the quasi-public sector

Statistics of the company

15 years

years on the valuation market

10 branches

branches in Kazakhstan

90000 reports

reports from the moment of establishment of the Company

40 years


60000 reports

of our clients have received credits from banks

11400 corporate customers

From the moment of establishment of the Company we have carried out valuation for 11400 corporate customers.

2.5 million

million square meters of commercial real estate were evaluated by us during the year 2017.

The branch network of companies

Today, the Company is represented in ten cities of Kazakhstan, such as: Almaty, Astana, Atyrau, Aktau, Aksai, Uralsk, Petropavlovsk, Aktobe, Kulsary and Zhanaozen.

Branches and representative offices in these cities are headed by experienced qualified appraisers. Having proper authority and self-sufficiency for making decisions, they are strictly controlled by the head office as regards the quality of the services provided.

The Company’s branch network is convenient for customers who have assets in different cities of the country, because it offers the possibility to use our appraisers in regions, who will conduct necessary valuation without additional expenses for visiting and inspecting facilities.

Our service

Equipment valuation
Valuation of all types of equipment for various purposes Valuation of equipment includes appraisal of almost the entire range of articles of...
Field valuation
Who accepts our reports? Our reports are accepted by all second-tier banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan, financial institutions engaged in...
Valuation of commercial real estate
Valuation of an office, a base, warehouse facilities, a land plot, etc. for various purposes (obtaining of credit, overestimation for a Bank, for a...
Valuation for IFRS
For accounting under international financial reporting standards Every year, thousands of companies are faced with the necessity of appraising...
Business Valuation
Business valuation is determination of a company value as a property complex that provides receipt of profit to its owner. In the process of business...
Valuation of inventory items
Independent assessment of inventory items (valuation of materials) is performed in the following situations: Valuation of goods for purchase...
Valuation of shares
The basis for valuation of shares is determination of their value as a financial instrument that can yield a profit to its owner. Among the main ways...
Valuation of incomplete construction
Valuation of incomplete construction is a complex procedure, which includes a detailed analysis of reliability and performance, resource consumption,...
Valuation of production base
Valuation of an office, a base, warehouse facilities, a land plot, etc. for various purposes (obtaining of credit, overestimation for a Bank, for a...
Valuation of land plot
A land plot is an important and quite expensive real property. Therefore, when carrying out any purchase and sale transactions with a land plot, it...
Biological assets
Assessment of cattle, horses, small cattle, pigs, poultry, commercial birds, commercial fish Who accepts our reports? Our reports are accepted...
Transport valuation
We carry out valuation of all types of transport (passenger, freight, rail, air). Valuation of movable property represents determination of market...

Company development


The Company’s entrance to the market of valuation activities in Kazakhstan


Opening of the first branch in Aktau


Expansion of the Company’s geographic reach, opening of 3 branches at once


Start of participation in annual rating of appraisal companies in Kazakhstan. Expert RA Kazakhstan Rating Agency


Receiving a RICS certificate (The Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors, the UK) by the Company’s expert


Beginning of cooperation with an international analytical agency “The Economist Intelligence Unit”


Beginning of cooperation with leading Russian appraisal companies: CJSC “Euroexpert” and LLC “FinExpertiza”


Receiving a certificate of membership in the CFA Institute (The Chartered Financial Analyst Institute, the USA) by the Company’s employee


Introduction of business process automation software

Our partner

Our Specialists have evaluated more than 10,000 corporate clients in various industries and sectors of the economy:

Our client