About the company

“Valuation of Property” LLP was founded in 2003 and over the period of its existence the Company has worked its way up from a small regional appraisal firm to a large company with a widespread network of branches in Kazakhstan. Today, we are a dynamically developing appraisal company staffed with a solid team of highly qualified experts who have a high level of knowledge, responsibility, professional ethics and many years of working experience.

Thousands of corporate clients and financial institutions throughout the country and outside its limits took advantage of our professional opinion. Taking into consideration that our opinion will be used when making decisions, for example, with respect to investment, we realize our entire responsibility to a client and adhere to the basic principle, that is, provision of quality services. To this end, in our work we combine our employees’ knowledge, confirmed by international qualifications, such as CFA and RICS with our knowledge of the local market and legislation, which distinguishes us from many appraisal companies. Therefore, we feel certain that by choosing our Company, you will receive an objective and reliable valuation.

“Valuation of Property” LLP holds a leadership position among the leading appraisal companies according to Expert RA Kazakhstan Rating Agency.

The Company provides a full range of valuation services, such as: business valuation, enterprise valuation, real estate valuation, valuation of shares, valuation of other tangible and intangible property according to Kazakhstan and international standards, meant for:

  • Large and medium Kazakhstan and foreign business
  • Corporate Partners and Customers
  • State-owned enterprises and subjects of the quasi-public sector

A large staff of employees (about 40 specialists) and a widespread branch network in the Republic allows us to meet customer requirements on a timely basis and without additional transportation costs.